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Hey, I'm late to the party, and i just opened my town, but if you want here's my FC: 3282-1865-9805

My native fruit it orangesssss

Just let me know you added me, and leave our FC and I'll add you back!
Check out the Angry Robots Cosplay account right over at: AngryRobotsCosplay !!

We're going to use it as a portfolio that people can comment and fave :)

As always, please check us out on 
Facebook (Feel free to chat with us!)
Our Website! (where we have our entire costume history posted)
Tumblr! (We reblog some pretty cool stuff!)
Our Etsy! (We sell some pretttty nifty things!)

:heart::heart::heart: As always, thanks! :heart::heart::heart:

Hey everyone! 

I'll be at DragonCon next weekend (Aug 30 - Sept 2) and I hope to see you there! Feel free to strike up a conversation if you see me!

My cosplay plans so far, which will probably change, haha:

Thursday night: probably nothing, most likely finishing Fili in the hotel room...

Friday morning: San from Princess Mononoke (private photoshoots)
Friday afternoon: Fili from the Hobbit (Come to the Dwarven costuming panels!)
Friday night: Fallout? idk something easy to wear

Saturday morning: Fili from the Hobbit (in the PARADE)
Saturday afternoon: Maybe Flame Princess, maybe Mabel Pines?
Saturday night: idk Maybe Weeping Angel 

Sunday morning: Journey Wanderer? who knows
Sunday afternoon: Mabel Pines?
Sunday night: Fallout (photoshoot at 8pm)

Monday morning/leaving: Mabel Pines?

Well, who knows what I'll be wearing except where noted in parentheses....
Hey everyone, I'm taking commissions for wigs (anyone want a Flame Princess wig?), small props and costume pieces and/or full costumes! 

I need to make myself some money for Dragon*Con, and I really would like to do some more commissions to do that!

Please check out my and my cosplay partner's website for more details: , or email me at / for more information!

I have time for a few more commissions before I have to cut them off, so jump on this soon :)

Thanks! <3 
Hey there! If you don't already know, :iconpenguinluv4ever: and I are a cosplay duo, and we're doing a giveaway as soon as we get to 200 likes!

Right now we're at 196, so we need 4 more before we can share the details of the giveaway :)

check out our facebook:…
1. For each of the first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! If you would like to suggest your own deviations, feel free to do so.

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not simply getting a free feature, but spreading art around for everyone!

1: :iconamezarain: ==> A New City Adventure by AmeZaRain  Pick A Card, Any Card - Zatanna Zatara by AmeZaRain  Soldier of Destruction by AmeZaRain

2: :iconcrystalpanda: ==> Korra - Spirit World by CrystalPanda  ME2 - Fire At Will by CrystalPanda  Zelda -  The End by CrystalPanda

3: :iconthe-cosplay-scion: ==> Nana nanananana na na nana na nanana by The-Cosplay-Scion  The Death of a God by The-Cosplay-Scion  Lydia Deetz Costume by The-Cosplay-Scion

4: :iconjosephjkerr: ==> somebody is watching by JosephJKerr  Joker and Harley looking lovely! by JosephJKerr  FANTASTIC! by JosephJKerr…
4sauce4 is holding a giveaway, all you have to do is fave and share! :)
Anyone going to MegaCon this weekend?

Feel free to say hi if you see me! I'll be wearing my Mabel costume (if my fabric ever gets here...), Team Magma, and probably my Fallout. I might just go casual on Sunday because I'm lazy, but we'll see

See you there!

Quick Update: 2013

Thu Feb 21, 2013, 1:39 AM

It seems like every year around this time I make an update post. I forget I have a journal here on DA and finally get around to using it.

Since we can take advantage of premium journal skins for a little while, I figure I'll use one, haha

In 2013, :iconpenguinluv4ever: and I will be going to MegaCon and Dragon*Con for sure, and possibly Animazement.

I plan to make:
Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) for MegaCon
Vanellope von Shweetz (Wreck-It Ralph) for Dragon*Con
and.... who knows what else by Dragon*Con, haha

As usual: Find me on Tumblr or Facebook… , where I update a ton more than I do on here...

So Dragon*Con was amazing, I met so many new people! If we met there, please try to keep in touch, I know I will!

I'll be uploading some photos from photoshoots I had at D*con soon and probably spread over a couple weeks.

Also, I cleaned up my gallery. A LOT.
I put everything from before 2012 in storage, except for one photo from back in 2005. People seem to like that photo of kittens I took when I was 17. I'll leave that single photo from way back then outside storage. Sorry if you wanted more kittens, 99.999% of my photos from back then were way worse than the one I left out. I'm sticking to posting cosplay, it's pretty much the only art I'm good at.

If there was something any of you even looked at or liked for some reason or another, I'm sorry. I just needed to clean house here. I'm focusing on cosplay more and more. I don't even really draw anymore, and I think that if I had stuck with it, I probably wouldn't be any good anyway.

I think I stuck everything in storage for myself. I needed to keep those things, but out of sight.
Here's my and :iconpenguinluv4ever:'s lineup!

AM: Flame Princess and Ice Queen
afternoon?: Jadesprite and Fire

AM: Weeping Angels (Look for us in the parade!)
afternoon: Jadesprite and Fire?

AM: Sophitia and Xianghua

AM: I might wear Team Magma until we leave

IF you see me, say hi! We'll probably wear our Fallout stuff the most sice we'll put it on at night and wear it until we pass out after concerts and things.

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Well, we're going to try our best to get to Dragon*Con. There's some things going on with us lately that might prevent it, but we really hope not....

:iconpenguinluv4ever: and I are planning on making some of THE MOST ridiculous Fallout 3/New Vegas costumes ever.
Think: sexy sleepwear, Alien Blaster, Buffout, Party Hat, Authority glasses, Buffout, Nuka Cola, Buffout, Pipboy, and more buffout/random foods.

We're going to have the best Fallout Party all con long! haha

(We're also bringing the Weeping Angels, Adventure Time, and most likely Soul Caliber costumes too)

Is anyone else out there heading to Dragon*Con? What are your plans?
We're just starting out as a page on Facebook, and we have separate Google + profiles right now, so come find us!

Kilayi (me) on Google+ :…
Ktar on Google+ :…

Angry Robots Cosplay on Facebook:…
What tutorials should I make first?

I'm working on some tutorials… which do you think I should finish first?

- seam finishes
- constructing a screen printing screen (which I would do printing, etc later)
- how to paint a faux stone finish
- using different dyes

These aren't all of the ones I've written up the text for, but these are a start!

They'll be going on my partner's and my cosplay website… and my progress blog when I'm finished with them. Maybe even on my Tumblr
So :iconpenguinluv4ever: and I have made it official!

We are now Angry Robots Cosplay!

We've opened our website and facebook page! Help spread the word and Like us on facebook! :)


We're working on making things to open our Etsy, and  we'll announce that as soon as we get it up and running!

We take commissions of just about anything! Not sure? Just ask!

AAAAAAHHH I'm so excited to finally get this off the ground! It started as crazy-talk during crazy-nights during art school, and WE ARE FINALLY DOING IT.

Animazement is in less than a week now.  
As far as new costumes go:

Flame Princess:
- dress = about 99%: I've got to adjust the shoulder a tiny bit and I'm done
- wig = 50% : I've only got a little more to do and I'll be finished :)
- makeup = 100% : I've done tests and I think it's going to work well :)
- shoes = 100%

- dress = about 99% : some minor fitting on the arms
- wig = 100% : I didn't have to do anything but trim the bangs
- makeup = 100% : tests done and they looked good :)
- shoes = 100% : I need to paint them, and they'll be finished
- ears = 50%

I'll be wearing Jadesprite Friday afternoon/night and Saturday night.
Flame Princess will be most of the day Saturday. I'll be in cosplay chess with it :)

If I can find them, I'll wear Sophitia and Team Magma as well. Moving and losing things really sucks.

If anyone else is going, let me know! We can meet or something :)
It's been almost a year since I've been to a convention, and as of today, it's 24 days till I'll be at Animazement again.

I've been working on the two new costumes I'm making for it, and I'm nearly done with the sewing parts.

Flame Princess:
- dress = about 50% : I've been fighting with some darts and pulling in my fabric :(
- wig = 0% : I think I'm going to try to dye it, as well as style it into that crazy updo...
- makeup = 100% : I've done tests and I think it's going to work well :)
- shoes = 50% : all they need is to be painted

and a secret costume!
- dress = about 90% : some minor fitting on the arms and a little handsewing and I'm golden
- wig = 100% : I didn't have to do anything but trim the bangs
- makeup = 100% : tests done and they looked good :)
- shoes = 50% : I need to paint them, and they'll be finished

I guess I can count in my boyfriend's Monster hunter costume, and I'll say it's a big fat 0%
He's been making pepakura files and unfolding the armor he wants to do, but all he's gotten finished is the head... I'm not sure he'll finish the one he wants to do by Animazement at this rate. I'm trying to get him to do the Froggi armor, which is like a cowboy, but he's been overthinking what the fabric should be... aaaagh

Anyway, if anyone will be at Animazement, feel free to say hi if you see me!

Cosplay plans for Animazement so far:
??? in the morning + my secret costume on Friday afternoon/night
Adventure Time in the morning + ??? Saturday afternoon/night
??? Sunday

I can't find my dress for Sophitia, so I don't even know if I'll have that this time, which sucks. I've only worn it two times :/ If I can find my dress, I'll probably wear that Friday or Saturday.
If I can find my and my boy friend's Team Magma costumes, we'll probably wear those on Sunday.

I kind of want to do something simple for my boyfriend and myself as a couple, but I'm drawing blanks...

Any ideas?
Thank you everyone who looked at my page because of the DD! It was really surprising, and I thought I had a glitch in my messages until I found out that I had gotten a DD!

I'll reply to as many as I can, but I won't be able to reply to everyone, so Thank you all for looking and faving my cosplay!
Don't forget that :iconpenguinluv4ever: was my partner, and we both worked equally on the Weeping Angels, so give her some credit too!
I'm thinking of what I really want to try to make this year.

So far I'm going to Animazment and Dragon*Con, possibly Metrocon.

> I want to make a Monster Hunter armor, at least by D*C

> I am on the fence about Fi (Skyward Sword)
> I am on the fence about Melfina / Gene for me / bf (Outlaw Star)
> I am on the fence about Flame Princess (Adventure Time)

What should I axe?
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I just don't get it. I read quite a bit of it, to not really like it. All of my ffriends that like it say that I should read to Act 5, which is thousands of pages in. Why on Earth would I read a thousand pages of something that I am just not enjoying?

All I see in photos from cons now are Homestuck trolls, with splotchy makeup and lumpy horns.

Please explain.